fallon Server User Account Temporarily Unavailable

This account (jensen) has been temporarily disabled by System Computing Services (SCS). SCS currently runs your account for your campus.
If you are not the current owner (e.g. you're a visitor), please let them know their account is disabled. If you are the owner, you’ll need to complete the following to reactivate the account:

  1. Contact the SCS Service Desk by completing a form to update your contact information. You'll need to let us know whether you know your password or not, as knowing your old password will be a requirement for the next step.
  3. After SCS has verified your contact information and verified you are the account owner, you will be directed to complete a password change. You will be given directions on how to do this after your contact information has been updated.
For more information and to start this process, please Contact the SCS Service Desk with this form.
  • server: fallon
  • user login: jensen

As soon as we can get your contact information and password change processed, your account (and web files) will be restored. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.